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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Voting records are pesky little things...

Coleen Rowley has been seen around town with a banner stating that while "gas prices soar, Kline snores" but is that really what is going on? A quick check of the roll call vote record on the House website will tell us....

On June 7 the House considere HR 5254 - the Refinery Process Permit Process Schedule Act. The Act set schedules to permit new refineries - specifically to ease the process that allows new refineries to be built. It is common knowledge that the US is severely lacking in refinery capacity and that is one of the factors that is causing our high gas prices right now. An "Aye" vote is a vote to add more refinery capacity and a "Nay" vote is a vote against adding the capacity. Voting "Aye" were Congressman John Kline and Congressman Mark Kennedy (MN 6). Vating "Nay"...Congressman Martin Sabo (MN 5) and Congressman Colin Peterson (MN 7).

Well that shoots that talking point in the foot Coleen. Got any others?????

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