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Sunday, June 04, 2006

To those who think that the insurgents are "freedom fighters"

and that they are equal to our troops...I think this might change your mind....

"Iraqi police in Baghdad have found the bodies of 43 people most of them showing signs that they had been tortured before being shot. The grisly discoveries were made over the last 24 hours in Baghdad's eastern Baladiyat and Sadir City districts. In ongoing violence in the country gunmen on Wednesday morning shot and killed Nabi Ismail Mosque's main preacher, Sheik Falah al-Nummi at the Sunni cleric's home in Huseiniyah, north of the Iraqi capital. Also in Huseiniyah a carbomb blast on Tuesday night killed 22 people and wounded another 58. "

How is this, where people are tortured before being shot equal to what happened in Haditha? Where is the international outrage over this?

"Police also found eight severed heads north of Baghdad with a note indicating they were killed in retaliation for the slaying of four Shiite doctors, while a Russian diplomat was shot to death and four colleagues were abducted in the capital."

Can someone please explain to me why this is more acceptable than what our troops in Haditha did? I surely don't understand it at all.

Don't misunderstand me...if the allegations about Haditha are true (and it sounds like they are) then what happened in Haditha is equally reprehensible but I will never understand those who call our troops evil murderers and those that torture and behead and bomb innocents are excused of their atrocities!


Anonymous said...

Okay, tell me who is out there "excusing" beheading, torturing or suicide bombing? There may be people who have some sympathy for their cause but NO ONE is excusing such behaviour. Likewise, no one is saying "our troops" are "evil murderers". All I hear is calls for suitable punishment for the tiny percentage that ARE evil killers. A little blame passed up the command chain for those whose policys foster such behavior would be nice also. There is outrage over the the horrors in Iraq, sadly, letters to the editor and calls to my congressman will not have much affect on them. When American soldiers act that way, we SHOULD tell our leaders that we won't tolerate that sort of thing from our troops.

2:21 PM  

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