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Monday, June 12, 2006

Thoughts on the Rowley interview.

OK - now for my thoughts...

R:On the other hand, of course whistleblower is not the best term, I always use truthteller...and so if you can't have the image of being a truthteller it would be obviously quite the opposite of what most people see as politicians right now.

Yes Coleen - let's talk about your "truth telling"....You unfurled a sign (at last week-ends parade in Waterville) that said "Gas prices soar while Kline snores". What has the sleeping Congressman done to help the middle class deal with these high gas prices? He voted FOR exploration for oil in ANWR, he voted FOR the repeal of the law that prohibits drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, he voted FOR increased refinery capacity in the would you have voted on those issues Coleen?

R:So the threat has doubled, tripled, quadrupled perhaps - the potential threat in the world is much more elevated than it was even pre 9/11 so that no matter how good you are on defense, if the threat keeps going up you're gonna be in a bad situation. And so I think we gotta have a much more comprehensive approach to dealing with terrorism as opposed to how we are dealing with it right now.

What would that comprehensive approach be Coleen? What would you do to stop Islamofacists who want one thing and one thing only - to wipe all "infidels" off of the face of the earth! Please tell us how you would stop that?

B: What is your position on investigating mosques? How do we balance that with the obvious concern with chilling religious expression....

Did you notice how she never did answer this question?????

R:there is a law...let me think of's called the Classified Information something Act where you can go into court and make these arguements to judges.

The Classified Information SOMETHING Act???? Come on Coleen - if you are going to campaign on this issue, you really should know the full name of the law you are quoting!

R: Yes - I advocate something along the lines of Murtha's position. Just to go back to what you said - you said that "most reasonable people now acknowledge that it is a mess" are you saying that my opponent is not a reasonable person because John Kline, I'm sure you have heard him speak before, he has spoken many times about the progress in Iraq and I have never heard him acknowldege that it is a mess the way that most people do...

Do you suppose, Coleen, that maybe, JUST MAYBE Congressman Kline knows a little more about what is going on in Iraq that the "reasonable person"? After all - he has only been there 4 times since the beginning of the Iraq conflict! You don't suppose maybe he is talking about progress because we are actually making progress there do you?????

R: because this was one of the pretexts that you could say that have Al Qaeda connected to Iraq even though Zarqawi had no connection to Saddam....

I think Stephen Hayes over at The Weekly Standard might have some things to say about that, as do Saddam's own documents!

I have to give Dan Barreiro credit for this comment "I think it is safe to say that the last 2 administrations have made a series of blunders when they have had opportunities to get people a point where we might have had a better chance to get on top of a situation that I know is important to you. " All in all it was a typical Coleen Rowley appearance - she talked about the one thing she knew and that was it!

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