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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Reap & sow, free markets, illegals

Ann Coulter has another great column today talking about how GWB's and the Senate's illegal immigration program is really amnesty. Read her comments and see how the illegals get breaks on illegals' actions that would put you and me in jail. There is one sentence that struck me: "...but illegal aliens don't require their employers to comply with OSHA regulations, overtime and minimum wage laws, unemployment insurance, disability laws, the Family and Medical Leave Act, a slew of oppressive environmental regulations, and 4 million other ways the government has developed to make it extremely expensive to hire legal employees. Instead of creating a separate class of citizens who are immune from oppressive government rules, how about relieving all of us even us shiftless Americans from the cost of government? "
She reminds me of the quote I heard a few years back "The black market is the free market asserting itself." So, here we have an example of employers voting with their money. With illegals they are freed from all that Ann talks about in that one paragraph. No OSHA, no EEOC, no FTC, no sexual harassment lawsuits, and on and on and on.No endless forms and worries about what regulation may be being broken and will result in a lengthy trial and/or fine or fines and/or jail time.
Now, do I support the hiring of illegals? Not at all. But so many people are looking at symptoms, not causes. Why do the illegals come here? Because there are jobs. Why are there jobs? Because employers are willing to take the risk to hire illegals because it's cheaper to hire them. And not just the actual cost of wages, but the perceived total cost of employment including meeting all those 4,000,000 regulations that Ann talks about.
The same thought process is involved with the shift of jobs overseas. Why go overseas? Because it's cheaper. Again, no OSHA, EEOC, sexual harassment... And my lefty buddy's solution? Fine every employer who exports a job. The Republican's idea? Some incentive or tax credit program for certain "government approved" activities.
Have you ever heard any Senator, any House member, any President (save Reagan) ever say "We need to get out of the way of business!" Nope. We have "The Competiveness Initiative" from GWB. As my friend Son of Liberty states over at MNTeaParty that the way it works best is when the government is out of the way, the way the Founding Fathers envisioneded America. That if fraud and/or force isn't used (by either individuals OR the government-especially the government) the free market works really well.
So, instead of making easier to hire employees, Congress and GWB have another "program".
How about the "Federal Register Reduction Program"? Or "Let's Get Out of Their Way" Program? And strangely enough,we already have one.
It's called the 10th Amendment. Or Amendment X.
All we need to have happen is to have all Congress and the President keep their oath of office.
Maybe I'm being over optimistic.


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