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Sunday, June 04, 2006

NORM!!!!!! - Day 2 reflections

Senator Coleman spoke to the assembled delegates Friday afternoon and boy was it a barn burner! You would have thought he was running this year.

He started off talking about the successes of the last 4 years - hundreds of millions of dollars in Democratic tax increases stopped, confirmation of Justices Roberts and Alito ("they will protect our rights - especially the rights of the most vulnerable...the unborn - rather than rely on foreign law"), surging economy...all of the high points.

He then went on to deliniate the differences between the Republicans in the Senate and the Democrats in the Senate...calling the Democrats the "party of cynics" and reminding them that harping does not get you votes - ideas do!

He talked about how many are concerned with the "political climate", but he reminded us that as Minnesotans we don't generally worry about the "climate" at least not until the temperature gets down to 20 below zero anyway...he then said that we should not worry about the political climate - that we should just get the job done!

Then he launched into the UN....saying that Kofi Annan had "no legitamacy" and that he needs to resign! His best applause lines were when he talked about UN reform - he even got 2 standing ovations and this was only a small portion of the speech!

He then went on to tout our slate of candidates - saying that he could not wait to have a Senator to work with, rather than one to "cancel out" and how he could not WAIT to see Michelle Bachman hit the House floor - getting loud cheers from the 6th District delegates!

Then he went on to talk about what he would like to see done to make our kids the smartest kids in the world, unshackle the job creators...he said that Americans didn't want bigger government, more taxes and God taken out of the pledge! He talked about the Democrats complain about the deficits, and yet they proposed $3 trillion in spending that did not make it through the Senate!

There were many great quotes in the speech but the ones that I thought were the best were these:

"Everything begins and ends with human dignity - even before birth!"
"This is not a war we started, but it is one that we must finish."
"Border control is the first principle of national security."

and finally - this from the closing...

"Let's look for freedoms agenda - at home and abroad!"

I can hardly wait until I can call that man "the distinguished senior Senator from the great state of Minnesota".

The video is not yet posted at Residual Forces, but Triple A assures me that he will get it posted and as soon as he does, I will be linking to it.

UPDATE AND BUMP! Triple A got the video posted late last night/early this morning here.


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