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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Minnesota Senate Race Heats up

Gary and First Ringer both posted on this MSNBC profile of candidate Amy Klobuchar. Gary shows us that Ms. Klobuchar, who has already come out against Justices Roberts and Alito, will be perfectly happy to filibuster any judicial nominee that does not meet her standards, while Ringer notes their comments on the "Bell effect". I found a couple gems of my own that I thought were worth mention.

"Klobuchar is well within the liberal Democratic mainstream.

Her campaign has received financial backing from Sen. Hillary Clinton’s political action committee (PAC), the trial lawyers association, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s PAC, several labor unions, the Human Rights Campaign (the leading gay rights group), and Emily’s List, which champions Democratic women who support abortion rights."

Take a look at that list of support that Amy has - and yet as Ringer notes they call Ms. Klobuchar a "moderate" candidate (as opposed to the "far left" Ford Bell).

Then there is this quote:

“These guys told us that there were weapons of mass destruction — and there weren’t. They told us the mission was accomplished and it wasn’t,” Klobuchar told a Democratic Party picnic. "

Just who are "these guys", Ms. Klobuchar? You mean people like Madline Albright, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton? Is that perhaps who you are referring to, because you can not be honestly referring to the Bush Administration when (as I said here) the aforemention Democrats all said the same thing that President Bush did!

Couple this with the many instances of the Star Tribune doing their best to provide Ms. Klobuchar with "cover" and you can certainly see why the call the blog Kennedy versus the Machine. The media machine is certainly working overtime to try to make sure that the DFL holds on to "their" Senate seat.....


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