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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Meet the Patricians - part 3

Cy and Paula DeCosse - The DeCosse's are semi-retired artists according to Open Secrets. They are (again) generous patrons of the arts, wildlife and the DFL. Ron and Joyce Deharpporte - Mr. Deharpporte lists his employer as Gibbco Company, Mrs. Deharpporte is retired. Both have contributed exclusively to Democratic campaigns including Wesley Clarke, John Kerry and Paul Wellstone.

Charles "Chuck" Denny - Mr. Denny is the retired chairman and CEO of ADC Telecommunications. Mr. Denny has a chairmanship at the University of Minnesota named after him. He has been awarded CEBC Distinguished Corporate Citizenship award for his (among other things) "deep commitment to equity and justice in our society". The majority of his contributions have been to mostly to Republican candidates, with just a couple of Democratic candidates (Bill Luther, Teresa Daly and Janet Robert) getting donations.

Joseph and Rachel Dolan - I am not able to find any information on the Dolan's.

Anita Duckor - Ms. Duckor is a sitting member of the Minneapolis Library Board and President of Duckor & Associates a business consulting firm. While these local positions are supposed to be non-partisan (by Minnesota Law) on look at the organizations and people that endorsed Ms. Duckor gives you a good idea of her political affiliation. There are no listed contributions in Ms. Duckor's name on either Open Secrets, Newsmeat or Political Money Line.

Lois Mary Dunlap - Ms. Dulap is a contributor to the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. She has contributed mostly to Jim Ramstad's campaign, but she has also contributed to the late Senator Paul Wellstone's campaign.

Well that is the end of my list of the Patricians. I will cross post all of this over at Ladies Logic and I will also post links to any of the other blogs that joined Mitch's blogswarm on the Patricians. For more information on the tax increase that is proposed Growth & Justice, please go to their website and read for yourself what these "wealthy few" are willing to burden the rest of the state with. I will echo the call of the working middle class of this state....those of you wealthy few who believe you can pay more to the state - please do so! However, do not mandate that those of us who are just getting by - driving used cars and working two jobs in order to make ends meet - pay for programs that you say you are happy to pay for! Pay for it and stay out of my checkbook!

UPDATE: Thanks to commentor Anonymous over at Ladies Logic for checking my math! I have corrected the entry for Charles Daly to correctly reflect his political contributions.


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