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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Meet the Patricians - part 2 The Daytons

The Dayton family is legend in the Twin Cities. George Draper Dayton was the founder of the Dayton Corporation - the Dayton's department store chain. Dayton's merged with the J.L. Hudson Company in 1969 to form the Dayton Hudson Corporation, which is now Target Corporation. Bruce B. Dayton is George Dayton's son and Senator Mark Dayton's grandfather.

Bruce and Ruth Dayton are devotees of the arts, having donated over $20m in Chinese art to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Between the two, they have made over $229,000.00 in donations to both parties over the last 2 election cycles. Out of that $207,000 went to Democratic candidates, committees and campaigns. The rest to Republican candidates including President George W. Bush.

David Dayton works for Alumiplate Inc and has given much to local environmental and civic organizations. His campaign contributions have been exclusively to Democratic candidates and PACs.

Judy Dayton is the widow of Ken Dayton. They are great patrons of the local art scene and benefactors of Abbott Northwestern Hospital. As I stated in a prior post, Mrs. Dayton has contributed exclusively to DFL candidates for office - most notably her nephew Mark.

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