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Saturday, June 03, 2006

FIRST EVER!!!!! The digital pioneers of Scott County

Here we are, Savage Republican and your humble fighting patriot Amendment X, blogging live from the MN State Republican Party from the lovely Convention Center in overtaxed Minneapolis. (And I miss the old Minneapolis Auditorium, Shrine Circus and all).

We'll have more comments from the floor, your representatives and party officals.
And thanks to Savage Republican for the picture of your trooper for liberty.

10:10- Chairman Ron Carey, surviving on 3.1 hours of sleep and massive amounts of caffein, has given the opening speech of the day, reminding us that a single vote is always important. He believes that in 2008, Minnesota may be the Ohio of 2004, be a serious swing state (remembering that a recent Prairie Pravda poll shows that Minnesota now considers itself Republican rather than those other people).


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