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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


On June 20, the following letter to the editor appeared in the Strib:

"I find it highly ironic that less than one week after the Star Tribune lambastes the Minnesota Republican Party for its criticism of "lame duck" Sen. Mark Dayton, it calls President Bush "King George" in an editorial!"

On June 26, the letter writer revieved the following anonymous letter in her mailbox:

"Irony? What is ironic is that Bush thinks he is KING. How blind are you?"

Now I happen to know the person who submitted the letter which is how I know what she got in return.

This just goes to show the lack of convictions that the leftists have. This person has to send anonymous letters with no return address. Heaven forbid you should identify yourself (as my friend did). That might open the channels for dialog. Better to send anonymous letters!

In case the letter writer is out there reading this let me ask you a couple of questions (additional questions or answers are welcome in the comments):

1) Do you have proof that the President considers himself to be "King"?
2) The Congress has been advised of all of the surveillance programs that the left uses as "proof" of kingly intent. If Congress has been advised, how can you say that the President is acting in a "kingly" manner?

And before any of you comment about the hypocricy of blogging under a pseudonym, I point you to the
threats that were made against Michael Brodkorb and his family while he was still anonymous! There are some sick people out there whole feel that any and all opposition must be silenced at any cost. As long as people like that are out there, I will continue to blog under a pseudonym. However, I am more than willing to debate any and all who have the the strength of their convictions to actually engage in respectful discussion! Disrespectful discussion will be mocked appropriately!


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