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Monday, June 19, 2006

Coleen is wrong yet again!

I have composed a few posts now on just why Coleen Rowley and her ideas for fighting the global war on terror are wrong and why she is the wrong person for the Second Congressional District to send to Washington DC because of those wrong ideas. Now the Star Tribune gets into the act, running this story.

"Former Minneapolis FBI agent Coleen Rowley, who gained fame for exposing blunders in the bureau’s pre-Sept. 11 investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui, drew criticism herself in a government report released today for failing to press for a criminal warrant to search Moussaoui’s possessions."

The article goes on to detail Coleen's single minded determination to go down the WRONG PATH to go after ZacariasMoussaoui - persuing a FISA court order versus a criminal court order.

Well, the First Ringer over at
KvM gives us the best analysis of the article and it's effect on Ms. Rowley's campaign for Congress.

"While the move may deduct a minute or two out of Rowley’s 15 minutes of fame, her political stature already seems to have fallen to Herve Villechaize proportions. National focus on Minnesota’s 2nd District has all but evaporated while even Beltway pundits seem to have thrown in the towel, with National Journal not even ranking Rowley’s bid among the 60 most competitive House races in the country.
Rowley says that Kline will likely “try to make political use of the report.” At this rate, it might not be necessary."

KvM is a must read for anyone interested in the outcome of the 2006 campaign and Ringer's analysis is one of the reasons why.

Coleen Rowley's campaign is sinking fast. This is just one of many reasons why she is the wrong person for the Second CD to send to Washington in November.

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