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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Amendment X for President...the response

My philosophy, absolutely yes. The philosopher, ABSOLUTELY NOT!
I'd love to find out who the lone voter was. Suspicions abound. But perhaps ignorance is bliss. But sharing the dias with Secretary Rice and Ric Santorum inflates my ego. Noticing Penn Jillette on that same platform rapidly brings me back to reality (I like their act, but watched as they once won $10,000 in a celebrity charity event. And their charity? The ACLU. Adios respect, comedy magicians).
I've been asked many times over the past two decades if I'd consider running for public office. My stock reply is "What may I have said in the last 5-10 minutes that would have led you to believe that I'd like to one: run for public office and/or, two: scrub my knuckles with a steel brush?"


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