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Monday, May 01, 2006

Why I can't wait for November!

Mark Dayton reported back to the true believers on Portland Avenue today.

"When I began my Senate term in January 2001, our country was at peace, the federal budget was in surplus, and, shortly thereafter, Senate Democrats were in the majority. "

and all was right with the world, eh Senator????

"But the terrible attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, drastically altered my legislative agenda, as they did so many other plans for America. "

Yeah - the voters of America woke up to what you and your fellow Democrats were doing with our national security Senator!

"Losing Paul's seat put Senate Democrats in the minority for the next two years. "

Yeah that's the ticket....losing St. Paul's seat is what put the Democrats in the minority. It surely couldn't have had anything to do with the Dems lack of vision and ideas now could it???

"I have been unable to accomplish much of my legislative agenda. It was not for lack of trying. Six times I tried to amend Senate bills to fully fund the long-promised federal share of special education. It would have given Minnesota's schools an extra $250 million this year, money that is badly needed."

I couldn't bring the pork home because of those evil Republicans.....they hate children...heck they EAT children for breakfast - did you know that????

"At the same time, tax cuts for the rich and super-rich, which I opposed, will cost the U.S. government over $200 billion this year. "

Maybe when Senator Dayton comes home in January, King Banaian can show the esteemed Senator how those tax cuts that the Senator opposed increased the amout of tax dollars that the federal government took in!

Remember - this is the same Mark Dayton who just last week gave himself an "F" grade for his term in office. Yet here he is bragging about all of the legislation that he sponsored and would have passed if it weren't for those evil House Conferences. Maybe someone forgot to tell the Senator that conference committees are a vital part of our political process!

What is funny is that Senator Dayton, in listing out all of the agenda items that he tried so hard to get passed, didn't list that he sponsored a bill to form a new cabinet level department....the Department of Peace and Non-Violence. You would think he would be proud of that particular piece of legislation.


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