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Monday, May 15, 2006

What staying home in November will get you part 2

Earlier I posted this opinion on what will happen if conservative voters stayed home in November in order to "punish" politicians that they deem to be "not conservative enough". Well, Jim Geraughty over at NRO's TKS blog has this insightful take on the subject.

"Who are the Republican lawmakers most angering the conservative base? Well, let’s say Sens. Trent “I’m tired of hearing about Porkbusters” Lott, Ted “Bridge to Nowhere” Stevens, John McCain for cosponsoring Kennedy’s immigration bill and campaign finance reform, Arlen Specter for being a pain in the tushie over judges, Chuck Hagel for being the New York Times’ favorite Republican senator to criticize Bush, and other minimally-conservative Republicans like Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Well, they’re not going to lose in 2006. Most of ‘em aren’t even up for reelection this year."

True enough Jim however I would add one more to that list...President George W. Bush! Now,.what about those that ARE up for election in 2006.

"In the Senate, a bad year for the Republicans would mean the loss of Rick Santorum (who has lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 88 out of a possible 100, and a 92 in 2005) in Pennsylvania, Jim Talent (93 rating lifetime, and a 96 in 2005) in Missouri, Conrad Burns (91, and a perfect 100 in 2005) in Montana and Mike DeWine (80 lifetime, only 56 in 2005) in Ohio. Of course, Ohio voters who sit this one out will replace DeWine with Sherrod Brown, who has a lifetime rating of 8 and 4 for 2005. And they won’t get to revisit that decision until 2012.
If the GOP base doesn’t show up in Minnesota, you get Amy Klobuchar instead of Mark Kennedy (90 rating lifetime, 84 in 2005).
If the GOP base doesn’t show in Maryland, you get Ben Cardin (lifetime rating of 6, 2005 rating of 0!) or Kweise Mfume (lifetime ACU rating of 4) instead of Michael Steele.
If the GOP base doesn’t show in Tennessee, you get Harold Ford (19 lifetime, 21 in 2005) instead of Ed Bryant (lifetime ACU score of 98!) Van Hilleary (lifetime score of 97!). Another GOP candidate is Bob Corker, Chattanooga mayor.
If the GOP base doesn't show in West Virginia, you get Robert Byrd (lifetime rating of 30, 20 in 2005) as Appropriations Committee Chairman, instead of businessman John Raese.
If the GOP base doesn't show in Washington, you keep Maria Cantwell (11 lifetime, 8 in 2005) instead of businessman Mike McGavick.
Okay, maybe Chafee goes down. But you've lost how many solid conservatives to remove this one guy?"

Along that logic, I have this question for my Minnesota readers (and the Logical Husband and Amendment X)...ok, maybe Governor Pawlenty goes down but how many solid conservatives (John Kline, Mark Kennedy, Michelle Bachmann etc) do you take out to get that one person? Punishing these people will leave us with the very same people who are the source of our dis-satisfaction - Trent Lott, Arlen Specter, Olympia Snow, John McCain, Chuck Hagel and Susan Collins! Is that what you really want to accomplish?

That's ok, you say...once they learn their 2006 lesson they will be back in the fold for 2008 and then we can take back over! Well consider some of the things that could happen between now and then...

"what kind of lengths do you think the Democrats will go to in order to keep power once they’ve got it? Does the “Fairness Doctrine” ring a bell? You think Pelosi and Reid wouldn’t try that tactic to hinder conservative talk radio? How about McCain-Feingold 2.0, with a particular focus on controlling “unregulated speech” on the Internet and blogs?
Think the MSM was cheerleading for Democrats in 2004? How much more fair and balanced do you think they’ll be when their task is to defend Democratic House and Senate majorities AND elect President Hillary Rodham Clinton? My guess is, they’ll make the CBS memo story look accurate and evenhanded by comparison.
Think the GOP can prevail in close races once they’re out of power? Ask the members of the military who had their ballots in Florida blocked. Ask Doug Forrester how well his anti-Torricelli campaign worked when he suddenly faced Frank Lautenberg at the last minute. Ask Dino Rossi. Ask Democrat Tim Johnson if he’s glad the last county in South Dakota to report its results just happened to have enough of a Democratic margin to put him over the top in 2002.
Once the Democrats regain control of Congress, a GOP takeover is going to be exponentially harder than it was in 1994. You’re never going to catch the Democrats as flatfooted again."

The Logical Husband has long complained about the Republican Party's uncanny ability to shoot itself in the foot at the most in-opportune times. Yet here we are, conservative voters who are more than willing to shoot ourselves in the foot in order to punish an unresponsive leadership. What kind of logic is that?

As I said before, I understand and share your frustration with those in DC who are deaf to the needs of the American people and only care about how it will get them re-elected! I understand the need to get more conservatives into DC (and St Paul), but sitting home in November is NOT the answer! You want to hold Governor Pawlenty accountable for his pandering to the middle? Get busy and help get a true conservative Majority in the State House and Senate. Ditto want to hold Lott, McCain, Graham and the rest of the RINO's accountable? Work hard to get true conservatives elected in Minnesota, Washington State and Tennesee! As Captain Ed said - not one dime to the RNC/MNGOP.....only give to the Conservative candidates who are willing to do what is best for the PEOPLE in DC and in St Paul!


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