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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We'll show them....

Lots and lots of Republican supporters feel (as Amendment X does) that since the Republicans have turned their legislative backs on us, we should turn our backs on them and not show up to the polls in November. I fully understand that frustration, I was NOT happy with Governor Pawlenty when he passed that $.75 per pack tax - er fee - on cigarettes and I told him so! I am still unhappy (and get more unhappy with each visit to the gas station) with Senator Coleman and Congressman Kennedy for their votes against drilling in ANWR and I told them so. I am not totally pleased with the stadium bill that came out of the Senate and the House bill is only partially palatable (I still believe that the voters of Hennepin County deserve the right to vote on the new tax).

Amendment X asks (in the above linked post) "Do these people deserve re-election? Do they represent me? The Republican Platform? Small government?" valid questions all. I would answer that we have the opportunity, especially now as early in the convention/primary process as we are, to hold these people accountable! Now is the time to let the Governor and the State Senators and the Federal legislators know that they are NOT representing their party and that the grass roots is not happy. There is no guarantee that they will listen and if they don't, then you do have to vote your conscience. However, before you decide to stay home in November I would ask you to consider the following.

Just who will really suffer should the Republican base stay home and refuse to vote. Would the Republican candidates suffer? Yeah they may not be re-elected but they would hardly "suffer"? Would the Party suffer? Hardly - they might pay a little more lip service to the base, but really would it change much? No, the ones who would really suffer is the country as a whole! Take a look at what we are in for should the Democrats get control of the House and Senate.

On a Federal Level, you have John Conyers (D-MI) who would become Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee should the Democrats regain control of the House. He has already
declared that he would IMMEDIATELY start investigating the President for "lying" us into the War in Iraq. He has also sponsored a bill (HR 40 - for 40 acres and a mule) to investigate the impact of paying reparations for slavery to African Americas living today! Or consider Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who would become Speaker of the House should the Democrats take control. She vowed (in a Washington Post interview and on Meet the Press) to "raise the minimum wage, roll back parts of the prescription drug plan, repeal the Patriot Act, roll back the Bush tax cuts and investigate the Bush Administration."

On the state level you have the two
DFL candidates for Governor promising to raise taxes IMMEDIATELY on the top earners. The DFL controlled Senate has already passed a stadium bill that would tax EVERYONE in the seven county metro area to pay for all 3 stadiums and REFUSE private donations from TCF Bank (because they asked for naming rights). We have DFL candidates at all levels campaigning for more light rail, universal health care, education and publically funded stadiums and all of those proposals are going to require MAJOR tax hikes to pay for them!

So in the long run, just who would be hurt worse if the Republican base stayed home this November????? I would submit that it would be worse for the country and the state if we disgruntled Republicans refused to show up on election day.


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