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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The wisdom in this, from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is timeless!

"Vote to protest the pay raise. The 16 percent to 34 percent increase was approved without hearings or debate, came on top of a decade of annual cost-of-living raises for legislators and was paid out through "unvouchered expenses" to get around the constitutional ban on raising pay in midterm. For thwarting the democratic process, many incumbents deserve to go.

Vote to elect reformers. Some of them are incumbents who spurned the pay raise and for years have sought better government, like a lobbyist disclosure law, campaign finance reform and a smaller Legislature. Some are energetic challengers who want to replace fossilized politicians.

Vote to test the new voting machines. In Allegheny and other counties, voters will be using a modern generation of electronic units that comply with federal law. No levers, no paper, no hanging chads. Just touch the screen and vote. Maybe some year it'll give cash back.

Vote to show that the people are watching. If you stay home, you give license to elected officials to disregard the public. Show up and you are a force to be reckoned with -- powerful and resourceful, with democracy on your side." (emphasis added)

Last Tuesday, Republicans in Pennsylvania sent a powerful message to their state legislature when two powerful incumbents were ousted for their support of spending increases. To those of you in other states (like Minnesota) who are equally upset I say this - GET INVOLVED! Campaign against those who run as Republicans and govern as Democrats! Run for public office yourself!

If you are that upset, don't sit on the sidelines complaining, do whatever you can to change the system for the better!


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