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Monday, May 08, 2006

Threat as encouragement

I happened to catch the lead "Rove Seeks to Re-Energize Conservative Base" on Drudge. I thought "this could be interesting". Well, the lead doesn't quite do justice to the article title "Rove Is Using Threat of Loss to Stir Republicans ". No surprise here. The Republicans are so far off the reservation, the only way to get people like me back on board is the "it will be worse with the lefties." I've been hearing this same line from a number of talk show hosts for years. Not a real convincing argument. At all. For me, the issue is do these people deserve re-election? Do they represent me? The Republican platform? Small government? I've held my nose in the voting booth way too many times. I've seen the Republican House and Senate expand government way beyond what the lefties had ever envisioned. But to save face, the ultra-collectivists needed to say something along the lines of "the Republican programs should have gone further", while in private I'm sure the lefties were high fiving like Super Bowl winners.
Karl, a quick FYI- I'm energized. But not in way you'd like.


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