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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Speaking of the Kennedys of Massachusetts

Senator Edward Kennedy has long talked a good game on alternative energy and yet when a wind farm is slated to go in Nantucket Sound where it could possibly spoil the good Senator's view from the family compound, well then all bets are off!

"A shoal in the center of the Sound is where Boston-based Cape Wind Associates hopes to build the nation's first offshore wind farm -- an array of 130 wind turbines capable of generating enough electricity to meet 75 percent of the Cape and Islands' energy needs, without burning any oil or emitting any pollution. The turbines would be miles from any coastal property, barely visible on the horizon. In fact, Cape Wind says they would be farther away from the nearest home than any other electricity generation project in Massachusetts."

Jeff Jacoby writes the above in an opinion piece about how the Senator is trying to change the rules in mid-stream for the operators of the Cape Wind Associates.

"Every child knows that you don't change the rules in the middle of the game," Kennedy says."

True enough Senator, so why is it you are trying to change the rules here. Could it be because you don't feel that the rules apply to you?


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