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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Speaking of irony!

This NY Times op-ed is just amazing in it's ability to spew the DNC talking points with a straight face.

"One way or the other, tax increases are coming. The nation's budget deficits are too big to outgrow, and the latest tax cuts — which Congress is likely to sign off on today — will dig the hole deeper. Neither Congress nor the public has the stomach to slash government programs anywhere near enough to bring spending in line with revenues. The only real question, then is this: Whose taxes will be raised in the future to pay for today's tax giveaways?

Here's a hint: If Congressional Republicans get their way, the people who benefit the most from today's tax cuts — mainly wealthy Americans with lots of investment income — will get special protection from future tax increases. "

Tackling the second paragrah first. What American does NOT have a 401(k) or similar investment platform? If any of you readers out there don't, contact me (ladylogician at hope4america dot net) and I'll get you set up! Seriously folks, personal portfolios were indeed once the sole property of the rich, but they have not been that way in the last 20 years! At one time I had 4 different 401 (k) plans from different employers. 401 (k)s replaced the pension plan back in the 1980's and are now a staple of employment in the private sector. Anyone who does not participate in his/her employers plan needs to remember this. Social Security will be bankrupt in 11 years! You willing to take a chance that this government program will be there for you when you retire?

On to the first paragraph. There is a grain of truth in what the Times writes. The House and Senate do NOT have the intestinal fortitude to slash spending in a manner that is required in order to tame the deficit. There is a solution for that too! It's called the Pennsylvania Earthquake which I wrote about here. If your Senator or Representative will not vote to cut spending then vote them out of office. It's that simple. We have to quit rewarding those who "bring home the pork" by returning them to DC. If they bring home the pork - send them back home to the private sector where they can re-learn what it means to actually WORK for a living!


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