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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Senate vote-

Listening to Rush, he makes an on target comment: the Republican Senators that voted for this travesty of a immigration bill are NOT up for election this year (and this bill has a condition in it from Sen. Chris "Dumbass" Dodd that says we must consult with Mexico and take into consideration what effect our laws will have on the other side of the border!). There are a number of Senators that ARE up for re-election that voted against the bill, Sen.Bob "Grand Kleegle" Byrd being the most notable 2006 up for re-election senator.
Norm Coleman voted for this disaster! He sided with Senators Mark Dayton, Barbara Boxer, Teddy "Dunk-a-matic" Kennedy , Schumer,Clinton to name a few.
And the Senate "immigration" bill is worse than it seems. Much, much worse. And BTW, it has nothing at all to do with immigration, it has everything to do with spineless Senators excusing criminal behavior and action.
Hey Norm! Counting on the fact that we'll forget this vote? See ya' in a year or so, buddy.


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