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Friday, May 19, 2006

Protecting the "little guy"

Ya gotta love the hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty of lefties. Strike that. It would be funny if only it didn't lead to economic disaster, real unfairness and loss of freedom.
Today in Prairie Pravda Chris Rasmussen of Minneapolis writes how Sen. Larry Pogemiller should lose his seat in November for proposing a tax on sports memorabilia that is "regressive" because the "little guy". That this tax on the "little guy" will possibly scuttle the stadium deal. That it's only the children and their parents who want a memento of their first twins, Gophers, Vikings, etc game that will have this tax fall on them.
And Rasmussen sees absolutely NO irony in that the stadium bill, as now envisioned, is going to be paid by people who have no choice in the matter. Thousands upon thousands of "little guys". When Rasmussen's "little guy" willingly buys "
a cap, pennant or jersey to wear home as a souvenir" that "little guy" pays directly for what he uses. He calculates the total cost of his purchase versus the enjoyment and makes a decision. My widowed mother has no such luxury in the "stadium deal" (which is no deal for her or many other "little guys"). She will be forced to pay for something that she neither wants nor will ever use or benefit from. And she is one of the "little guys" Rasmussen supposedly defends. And sees no irony in Pogemiller's decisions.


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