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Friday, May 26, 2006

The "press"

I've heard Michael Yon on Hugh Hewitt. I don't remember visiting his web site until the below post. I went to a link on his site about Operation Iraqi Children . A very worthwhile cause. See what the American soldiers do with the packages from OIC .
Further down in the article, there was a reference to the tragic murder bombing at the U.S. dining facility. Here is what the immediate response was from the press:
Days later, when a homicide bomber detonated his explosives inside the base dining facility, the charge was so powerful it killed 22 people. The blast had such force that a soldier told me one victim's teeth were found embedded in the chest of another dead body. Because there had been much fighting in Mosul, there were many journalists on hand to report the bad news. Some journalists rushed to take photos and videos of wounded soldiers and civilians as they writhed in desperate need of help. Such singularity of purpose in other circumstances might be admired, but that day left a bitter taste that lingered for months.
The "press".


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