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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pandering at the pump

Because I am so behind on things, I am going to probably do a couple of generic subject posts. Please go to the links provided for more in depth details.

Charles Krauthammer said it best in this article. It's Economics 101 - when demand for a product is high - the price goes up accordingly! Meanwhile, our Republican legislators are pandering to us by proposing a $100 per family gas rebate check. Well whoop-de-do...

Meanwhile, China is starting to drill in the Gulf of Mexico - thanks to their friend Fidel Castro! They are getting rights to drill in the same sensitive areas that our oil companies are NOT allowed to drill in due to environmental restrictions!

And then there are the Democrats....the same people who are now demanding lower gas prices are the same ones who have, for years, been pushing for higher gas taxes in order to reduce driving and thus reduce greenhouse gases.

The New York Times said it best in an editorial (no longer available online)...the price of gas today is a direct result of years and years of horrible energy policy. This is not a Republican or a Democratic failure - it is a House and Senate failure. We need to get a real energy policy in place - on that encourages development of alternative fuels as well as drilling and refining available oil deposits, no matter where those deposits are (ANWR or off the coasts of California or the Gulf of Mexico). Until we get that, we are destined to have even higher gas prices than we are seeing today!


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