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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Marginalizing conservatives... and a good toothbrush.

We're all hearing it. Again. "If you sit home on Election Day...", "It will be worse under the Democrats...", "Can you say SPEAKER Pelosi ?", "Don't waste your vote by...", etc., etc., etc....
I hate taking issue with my friend Captain Ed (or with Lady Logician ), however, I'm tired of hearing the threats of my voting lockstep. Captain Ed takes a view like Lady Logician.
He says that we conservatives will be marginalized. And what are we now? When I'm taken for granted, when I'm threatened with the alternative, when rather than being told that I can vote FOR someone instead of voting against the alternative, I've already been marginalized. I've heard the song and dance for over five years. I've endured "No Child Left Behind", "Medicare Prescription Drugs","Ethanol", no border security or even attempts to secure the border, the Gang of Fourteen, Harriet Miers, $200,000,000,000 for Katrina and Chocolate New Orleans, no drilling in ANWR, John McCain trying to kiss and makeup and on and on. And I'm NOT marginalized?
GWB had an small opportunity to at least look like he was making an attempt to try to appeal to conservatives with his Monday night speech. The result? Here, here, here, here and here.
And this from my friend Professor Joe Olson (law professor at Hamline Law School and a national expert on the 2nd Amendment and founder of MNCCRN ). The article has this resounding quote:
"the latest surveys reflect a significant shift in the political landscape as growing numbers of conservatives who have long and loyally kept their brooding private are now going public about their deepest dissatisfactions with George W. Bush [and thereby "moderate" Republicans]. ***, but conservatives won'’t be satisfied this time around with more token efforts on issues like marriage and dire warnings that “the Democrats would be far worse. Conservatives have heard that song before and know it never has a second verse."
And the toothbrush reference? One I've used before. As a child when I had an appointment with the dentist, I brushed my teeth until my gums bled. I was going to brush away every single cavity and put one over on Dr. Schoenleben. And the Republicans seem to have that same childish outlook with their voting records and the appointment they have with me on November 7th.
Brush real hard kids!


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