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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jason Lewis?

Ever since his departure in 2003, the return of Jason Lewis has been the/a recurring rumor.
When AM1500 shot themselves between the eyes when they released Jason, I watched as the once mighty King of the Talk Stations became an small baron on the peerage list in jolly short order. They needed a good local conservative personality to take over the time slot. AM1500 never gave Dave Thompson a fair shot. The buzz was that Dave was not Jason. True enough. But then again, Jason wasn't Jason either when he arrived in Minnesota. Jason needed to build an audience and a reputation. It would have been a wise move over at Hubbard to at least have given Dave Thompson more than 39 seconds to do the same. But, no, so AM1500 started flopping around and piling on itself with mistake after mistake.
The problem with a return of Jason would be where would he go? Back to AM1500. Not likely, but it would do them wonders if they did. AM1280 The Patriot? All their broadcasting is national with the exception of Saturday and the rebroadcast on Sunday. AM980? All Christian broadcasting. Where else? Well, perhaps with KTLK FM100.3.
And now this in Prairire Pravda on the potential return of Jason.
I've grabbed the streaming audio of Jason down in North Carolina. Same bumper music, same sign off. And reminds me what once was. And perhaps may be again.
We'll see.


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