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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Here is the epitome of irony, from our friends at the Star Tribune.

"I find it very interesting that Rush Limbaugh managed to plea-bargain his way out of trouble for drug possession (Star Tribune, April 29).
On his own show, he had loudly advocated the imprisonment of all drug addicts. Yet when he is caught with his hand in the Oxycontin jar, a whole new set of rules suddenly apply.
If he were not who he is, a very rich celebrity, he would already be in jail. Truly there are separate systems of justice in this country: one for the rich and famous and one for the rest of us.
If justice is not meted out evenly, we cannot call ourselves a civil and just society. Paraphrasing George Orwell's "Animal Farm," in the United States, everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

Now normally I leave the fisking of Strib Letters to those bloggers who do it best, but this was too rich to pass up!

Let's see, on one hand we have a Republican radio commentator who is prosecuted (in the courts and in the media) for 3 years and when push comes to shove no charges are filed and on the other we have a Democratic member of Congress with a history of drug abuse crashing his car into a Capitol barrier and no field sobriety tests are issued and there is minimal coverage in the media. Just lots of sympathetic "tsk, tsks" about how he's in need of rehab.

Yeah DJV, you're so very right...some Kennedy's are more equal than the rest of us. Cynthia your attorney - that discrimination case just grew legs!


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