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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Imperial Hubris

I can guarantee you that Hugh Hewitt will be talking and writing about this tomorrow!

"It is worth considering, moreover, that only newspapers have the will, resources and venues in which this sort of journalism can be accomplished on readers' behalf. To an extent too little discussed, the future of the news media is the future of American democracy."

Only newspapers have the "will, resources and venues" to do this. What arrogance! How typical of newspapers who feel that they are the only ones who "know stuff"!

I suspect that Hugh will be talking about this because the author, Tim Ruttan, has been taking many potshots at Hugh lately and this article is not lacking potshots.

"More interesting yet is the way in which these commentators' worldview has slipped unexamined into the currents of the mainstream. Because their own motives are wholly partisan, they assume that everyone else doing journalism is similarly inclined. "

Yep....Hugh's show tomorrow night is going to be entertaining, to say the least!


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