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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Immigration fallout

In the wake of the illegal immigrant protests, comes this lovely bit from the New York Times.

"Warnings of a crippling immigrant boycott did not come true yesterday. The economy survived. But what may not survive — we hope — is people's willful misunderstanding of the nature of the immigrant-rights movement. The worst among our citizens and politicians are eager to depict illegal immigrants as criminals, potential terrorists and alien invaders." emphasis mine

Here is a news flash for the editorial staff at the Times. When someone
comes into this country in a manner that does not follow our existing immigration laws, then that person is a criminal! That is something that has gone horrifically under-reported during the last 4 weeks of debate on the issue.

What the proponents of preferential treatment (and that is what they are demanding when they demand to be given immediate citizenship) neglected to take into account was the possibility of a backlash. John Podhoretz writes about it in the
NY Post and Senator Trent Lott (R-MS) went on Fox News and started that he was "highly offended when illegal people come into this country, take jobs illegally, and then protest and wave foreign flags." I know a lot of people that were also offended by that, myself included.

Well finally some cities and states are starting to do what the federal government refuses to do. Daily stories like this are popping up around the country.

"In response to what the Board of Health sees as a growing health crisis, local restaurants may be banned from employing illegal immigrants as a condition of their food serving licenses. "

Well New York Times editorial board...what do you have to say about that???? Is the Milford Board of Health "the worst among our citizens"?

Meanwhile, you have American citizens and other immigrant groups who need jobs who can't get them because there are people willing to take these jobs at below prevailing wages.


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