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Friday, May 26, 2006

Hoisted on their own petards

I love it, absolutely love it when the laws passed by any legislative body come back to take huge chunks out of their nether regions! And that they also bleed profusely while whining incessantly.
Seems that members of Congress are shocked and screaming about the FBI investigating all of them because of violations of the BCRA (Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, aka McCain/Feingold). Seems that they're afraid that campaign contributions are defined as bribery. Well, welcome to the restraint of political speech, Congress Puke.
Thanks to Captain Ed on this.
I remember SO well the Monica Lewinski scandal where all the lefty pukes kept lying "It's just about sex". No, it was first of all about the Special Prosecutor statute that the lefty pukes enacted in the wake of Watergate and that the Republicans recommended that the last Democratic Congress let lapse in 1994. But, no. The lefty pukes extended the law for another five years. And the result was that Paula Jones filed a sexual harassment lawsuit under the sexual harassment laws that the lefty pukes and their radical feminist puke allies passed. And as we all know, in a sexual harassment lawsuit, the defendant's history is relevant and open. And so, Zippergate Slick Willy was hoisted on the petard that the lefties have inflicted on so many others.


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