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Friday, May 26, 2006

He's not rich enough, you're not poor enough

Seems that Prairie Pravda (PP) thinks that Carl Pohlad isn't rich enough. But, thanks to you, he'll be a couple of $100,000,000 richer. Don't expect a thank you note or Christmas card anytime soon.
PP says that Unca' Carl came out of this thing "
with Pohlad having scored a capital gain among the best in the league." That the Twins value may increase up to $500,000,000, a NET increase of over $280,000,000. And Karl didn't spend a damn dime! He got other people to force you to do it! Well, that's not true. If he spends a dime, he got other people to force you to fork over half a buck. By force.
Now, think this scenario over: If Carl spent money to have people go door to door in Hennepin County and forced every person who buys something in the county to give him $.03 for every $20 they spend, he and his thugs would go to jail. They committed extortion. No questions asked. Carl and company making license plates and bailing twine. Next question please?
However, that Carl spent money to get legislators to force you to do the very same thing somehow now makes it right? That the legislators suspended a law that allowed you to have a voice in the matter, and then forced you to do for Karl what would be illegal if he did it directly means that this is extortion by proxy.
And again, I'm still looking for a explanation as to why this is any different than what was supposedly covered in the Eminent Domain bill. And speaking of THAT bill, seems that there is a FIVE YEAR window of opportunity for governments to steal your property.
Had enough yet?


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