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Monday, May 22, 2006

Eminent domain protection proclaimed at CD2...unless the Twins are involved

It's been interesting reading the other blog postings on the this weekend's 2nd Congressional District Convention. Having been there and been an activist in the behind the scenes going ons, it's interesting seeing others perspectives. I was not able to hear many of the speeches as I was late in arriving and involved in some of the dramas that the delegates never saw.
I've waited through the weekend to start my postings. But, let me start with one to show where I'll be going.
Lt. Governor Carol Molnau gave a speech to stand in for the Governor. I was in the first row, having blood trickle down the corners of my mouth after having bit down on my tongue. The Lt. Governor had announced, to the applause of the delegates, that the Governor had signed the bill that "stopped government from taking your property and giving it to someone else" (eminent domain). And I bit hard to prevent myself from asking the Lt. Governor right then and there "And that obviously does NOT mean the property called income that is taken from the income earners in Hennepin County and given to Karl Pohlad!" The absolute incredible irony of her statement was lost on the delegates who roared their approval even as the governor was planning on signing the stadium bill that is exactly what Lt. Governor Molnau was loud and proud about in stating was not going to happen because Tim had signed a bill stating otherwise...except, well, for just THIS once. So far.
Wait a minute Spanky...seems to me that we HAD a referendum bill outlawing local taxes being raised unless there was a local referendum. And wasn't THAT bill by-passed by the legislature to ensure that there was NO referendum on the stadium tax bill?
And so, all you Representatives, Senators , Governor and Lt. Governor,a very simple question:
If you by-passed the referendum statute, what protection do we have that you won't by-pass the Eminent Domain statute ? What is the intellectual difference between the referendum law and the eminent domain law? Both are, oops, sorry, I meant WERE supposed to protect us. But, you all threw away that shield for the Twins. You forced the income earners of Hennepin County to pay for the Twins, but refused to allow private money (TCF's Bill Cooper's offer) for the Gopher stadium? Huh?!?!?!
We were supposed to be a state governed by laws, not the capricious, wanton fickle desires of men.
And we are now ruled by the desires of men, not laws.


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