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Monday, May 01, 2006

Donate Now - Watch the Savage Republican Have a Heart Attack

In an effort to show how out of shape I am, I will be running in a 5K this weekend to raise money for Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center.

It is my way of doing more than just putting a "Pro Life" bumper sticker on my car.
It is a small way to help out an organization that truly saves lives by helping Mothers and Fathers with an unexpected pregnancy get the help they need. They even have a home to help Mother's before and after the birth (and one of the coolest house moms I have met).

Anyway if you want to help you can donate directly with them as a way to sponsor me in the run.
No big donations necessary (but certainly appreciated). Even a donation of $5 can help out.

If you donate, leave me a note using the info tab or just e-mail me at
I'll put up details of the totals.

Here is the address for Alpha:

Now back to out regulary scheduled Opinion pages.


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