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Monday, May 22, 2006

The Dixie Chicks Legislators and Governor

Saw this headline on Drudge : "Dixie Chicks Take Back Apology".
I read the article and see that Natalie Maines took back her '03 apology to GWB saying that she changed her mind and that he doesn't deserve her respect any more and that she just doesn't "feel" the same way she did in 2003 when she made the apology.
Seems the MN State Legislature and Tim Pawlenty "feel" the same way about you and the income earners in Hennepin County. They don't "feel" the same way about the referendum bill that they did when they passed it. They don't "feel" that you deserve to keep your money. They don't "feel" that you deserve the protection of the laws they pass.
Well, how do you "feel" about the way they "feel" about you?


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