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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Criminal matter or war?

Last week-end, Coleen Rowley was published by the Star Tribune. The subject of her piece (which I posted on here) was the Moussaoui trial and how it showed we could treat the Global War on Terror in the courts as opposed to on the battlefield. The tenor of my initial post was a bit snarky. What I would like to do here is to show why her theory will not work against the global jihad in which we are currently engaged. Many of the links I have posted here are from Dr. Bruce D.Tefft, Director of Terrorism Assessment Center for CRA-USA in Alexandria Virginia. I got to know Dr. Tefft in a political discussion group that we both belong to. These links are from newspapers and other "open sources". When put together, this information shows why treating the GWOT as a police action (which is the tactic that candidate Rowley espouses) is the wrong action!

1) Public trials in the criminal justice system require revealing intelligence that needs to be kept secret. Names of covert agents would have to be revealed as the agent is required to testify in court. Remeber the furor of Valerie Plame and the leaks of the identities of working agents in the
T.J.Waters book? You think that "leaking" Valerie Plame's name was a blow to national security? Just wait until an agent who is working under cover is killed because he testified in court against the cells he had infiltrated.

2) Hurricane Katrina - what does Katrina have to do with fighting terrorism in the courts vs with the military? Simple - take a look at how the government and civilian authorities like FEMA reacted to the devistation of Katrina. Now, look at what happened once the military took over. Do you really think anything has
changed since then????

3) The government can't even secure it's own
departments - how do you expect them to secure our borders, our ports, our airports and our cities? The government can't even secure it's own databases!

4) The FBI (Ms. Rowley's former employer) is still trying to
figure out HOW it is going to tackle terrorism. It has had a huge turnover in leadership that has slowed the re-organization of the FBI into a "terror fighting" organization. The US Senate grilled FBI Director Mueller over the organizations dismal handling of the terror investigations it had worked on. Given the misses that they detailed, how can an organization this inept fight a cold?

5) Intelligence organizations rarely get the "
whole picture". They may find out a piece here and a piece there, but rarely do they know the full intentions until it is too late. We had a piece here and a piece that about OBL, but in the end, did anyone really think he would fly airplanes into the World Trade Center towers prior to him actually doing so?

6) Logic dictates that if you can not even secure your own border, you are not going to be very effective at keeping those that want to do you harm OUT. It is a proven fact that we can not control our borders and that our law enforcement officials often do not play well together. As long as this remains the status quo, the law enforcement aspect will never work!

7) TIMING - Criminal cases take time to thoroughly investigate...time that (according to many who know) we simply
do not have! When you have a group of people who are actively working at bringing about Armageddon (and wanting it quickly) you don't have the luxury of taking your time - you need to act quickly!

As a Christian, I am taught that Islam is a "cult" - not the true religion. As a thinking person who has read the Koran, I understand what the book teaches (this is the topic of another post). Given what I know about Islam and what Dr. Tefft's organization has shown us, we know that the right thing is to treat this as the war it is and not a criminal matter. Which is why John Kerry was wrong for America 2 years ago and why Coleen Rowley is wrong for the 2nd Congressional District today!


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