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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Crime and Punishment?

Rambix over at Rambix and the Red Star has done yeomans work documenting the breakdown of order in Amy Klobuchar's Minneapolis*. The following has all of the earmarks of one of his posts, but it's not.

"Mario Moreno should still have been behind bars the night he climbed into the passenger seat of a stolen car with two fellow gang members.He was carrying a rifle, some cartridges and, in his jacket pocket, a bag of marijuana. "Let's go do this," the car's driver recalled Moreno saying as they headed into the turf of a rival black gang.

They drove by a liquor store at 89th Street and Central Avenue in South Los Angeles. Two older black men were standing outside.Moreno, 18, aimed his weapon out the driver's-side window and fired. One bullet killed Darrell Dennard, 53, a grandfather who slept in an alley behind a nearby fish market and got by doing odd jobs. He had just bought a lottery ticket. It was about 9 p.m. on Oct. 11, 2004."

This is from the Los Angeles Times today. Yahoo has this take on the story! Los Angeles officials are finally coming to the realization of a fact that many law enforcement officials have been trying to tell them for a long time...that catch and release - while fine for fishing - does not work well in law enforcement.

"City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said. "I think criminals have learned from this that there is a way to beat the system. ... For many, a few days in jail has become just a cost of doing business."

Rambix has documented how a large portion of offenders in Amy Klobuchar's Minneapolis* are also repeat offenders. If this is how Amy Klobuchar protects Hennepin County*, you have to wonder just how well she will do her job should she get elected to the Senate. However, KennedyVMachine gives you a hint about what she will do once she goes to DC...she will be fundraising and getting ready to run for her next elected position! Surely Minnesota deserves better than that...

* Hennepin County Attorneys Office Mission Statement - To protect the rights and safety of the people of Hennepin County.


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