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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well fellow Minnesotans, the Republican Party of Minnesota Endorsing Convention starts in a little under 23 hours. I have still not gotten a response to my multiple requests for information from the Shudlick Campaign. From the Shudlick website - here are the issues the candidate finds to be important.

"Shudlick for Senate '06About the Issues

Issues to Embrace
• More freedom for American Citizens
• Lower taxes
• Safer Streets
• Protect American jobs
• Pursue energy independence
• Secure borders
• Less government
• When it comes to trade issues, protect state and national sovereignty
• Traditional American Values
• English as official U.S. Language
• Work to defeat Terrorist, Insurgents, and Islamo-facists
• Stronger Laws to reduce voter fraud and identity theft
• Protect farmers, laborers, and business
• Unfunded suggestions
• Better management of foreign interactions & aid
• Control Illegal Immigration/Asylum
• Support Affordable Healthcare"

Based on this, I sent the candidate the following questions:

Do you support President Bush's comprehensive immigration reform or do you support a "wall" at the border to stem the flow of illegal immigrants?
Do you support the President's so called "wiretapping" of suspected al Qaeda terrorists? If not, why?
Do you support a Canadian style "universal health care"? Why or why not? If not, what type of health care reform would you support?
Do you support making President Bush's tax cuts permanent? Why or why not?
Given that the per gallon cost of gasoline is hovering right around $3.00 a gallon, what would you suggest the federal government do to help reduce the price? Would you support building more refineries? Drilling in ANWR? Repealing the ban on off-shore drilling? If not, why?

I didn't even ask about Iran and I should have...

Given that these are just a few of the very pressing issues that the future Junior Senator from Minnesota will have to face in Washington DC, it is only fair that the people of Minnesota know what they are voting for. If Mr. Shudlick expects the delegates to vote for him, he has to give them more of a reason to vote for him than "sticking it to the party kingmakers".


Nordeaster said...

There are two points that seem to smack of protectionism. That's one sure way to bring our economy to a halt.

9:38 PM  
The Lady Logician said...

I'm glad I was not the only one to see that Nordeaster. That was one reason why I sent the questions to the Shudlick campaign. I'm sure he will have a booth at the convention today and I intend to ask him point blank why he did not answer these very basic questions.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous said...

I have a long acquaintance with Harold, and I'm very impressed with the progress he has made as a candidate. His appearance, speaking style, and confidence have improved tremendously since the last time he sought office. Nonetheless, Harold has always been much stronger on principle that he is on detailed issues. It may be unfair, but I thought his recitation of issues was simply a laundry list lifted from the platform, rather than a considered opinion or a definitive plan of action that he would implement if elected.

J. Ewing

2:26 PM  

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