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Monday, May 22, 2006

The coming hail storm and when like mindeds disagree

I really dislike disagreeing with my friend Captain Ed. But, there are those times when though we are like minded and there is much much more that unites us than divides us, I have a fundamental disagreement over his posting today. He takes the tack of warning disaffected conservatives that if we don't vote, if we sit out, look at history and what happens. He's issuing a dire warning to us. In essence, repeating what I've been hearing for far too long "It could/will be worse with a Democrat!"
May I humbly suggest that he turn the muzzle around and fire the warning shot at the Republicans and warn
them to look to history as to what happens when the conservatives are ignored, not when they sit out. Republicans at all levels in the country are voting and acting like Democrats, to spending money as if there's no tomorrow, ignoring laws and oaths. Even going to incredible and rule breaking lengths to stop and stifle any voices of dissension-exactly what lefties are all about.
So, why would I vote for Republican and make them, and me, into a liar? I don't vote for Democrats, they shouldn't run as Republicans and expect to be elected.
Don't warn me what will happen. Warn the Republican leadership and elected representatives what happens when they vote and act like Democrats.
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