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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Collectivists at Prairie Pravda or It's really not YOUR money

Once again, be warned, the only reason you, or anyone else works is not for you or your family. It's to keep Congress in power and control. So says Prairie Pravda . From their long disproved Keynesian outlook the reason for deficits is that there are tax cuts. That the solution to deficits is (of course)...RAISE TAXES!!! The only way to prop up failed, ineffective and in many cases counter-productive programs by taking even more of your money (see my post on riding dead horses. The editorial board at PP seems that point #9 is the way to get a dead horse to at least trot). Always remember, with lefties all tax cuts are unwarranted and too much, all tax raises are never enough, all programs (except the constitutional defense program) are underfunded, and any expansion of government is OK. The collectivists at PP always cry that you and I are idiots and just don't know how to spend our own money. It takes the combined wisdom,intelligence, compassion and foresight of 535 people under a marble dome to effectively and prudently spend your money. Well, PPP (Prairie Pravda Pukes), I have a splendid idea: show us your commitment and have the government take all our money and give us all that we need. Go all the way, not part way. Come on! Minimum wage at $25.00 an hour, government meals at 7 am, 12 pm and 6 pm. Make us all happy! Vitamins at breakfast and urine tests to make sure we're taking those vitamins. Mandatory and random dental exams to make sure that we're all flossing. Sniffer dogs ensuring that we're changing our government issued and washed underwear. TAKE ALL OUR MONEY AND BRING ON UTOPIA, YA' COWARDS!
As Savage Republican once said "Any deficit is not and will never be a taxing or revenue problem. Deficits are and will always be a spending problem."
The deficit problem solution is quite simple: cut programs. Cut spending.No deficits. Any questions?


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