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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Candidate Profiles in the media part 2

Previously, I wrote about a Star Tribune profile of DFL candidate Keith Ellison. Well, contrast that profile with the profile they did of his opponent. I don't want to say I called it or anything, but...

Where the Strib talked about Ellison's ""He's humorous. He's serious. There's a lot of dimensions to Keith. ", the profile on Alan Fine focuses on issues. The Strib profile of Fine devotes most of the article to his stands on the issues ("Fine favored the invasion and believes U.S. troops must remain until security has been established."). Compare that to the single sentence that the Strib devotes to Ellison on the issues "Ellison says his campaign will be about peace, economic justice and universal health care."

It is reporting like this that has earned the Strib their reputation of being a journalistic lightweight! They do the citizens of the 5th Congressional District a huge dis-service by not running articles on where BOTH candidates stand. I applaud the attempt they made on Alan Fine, but why didn't Keith Ellison get the same courtesy? Don't the citizens of the 5th deserve to know where both candidates stand on these issues?


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