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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bullwinkle and Congress, Part III

It just doesn't end, does it ? Do any of these clowns remember the disaster of the unconstitutional Nixon price controls? So, now Congress, knowing how companies are run, and especially oil companies, are proposing price controls via fear and intimidation. And when you hear conservatives say in frustration that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans, and hear many "conservative" talk show hosts say there is a huge difference, remember this quote from the left: " Congressional Democrats, meanwhile, chided Republicans for now pushing a proposal that Democrats tried to get through last fall after the run-up of gasoline prices in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. " And Never mind that price is one of those economic signals that allows the market to function. Oh, no. Not from OUR Congress that knows better that millions of Americans making independent decisions.
And as Bruce Barlett points out, what about anti-gouging in pharmaceuticals, real estate,banking, software? Coca-Cola and Yahoo made bigger profit margins. And especially the government where every dollar they bring in is coerced? And again, not a single paragraph, sentence or even word about cutting the gas tax, from the state or feds.


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