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Friday, May 12, 2006

The bio-terrorism of the illegals

Once again, I read this article that posted today. And it deserves a separate post.
The diseases coming across the border are dangerous, infectious and deadly.And if they were carried here by Al Qaida, Homeland Security would be on it immediately. With alerts galore.
And yet we have coming over the border, every day, multi drug resistant TB, which was formerly only endemic to Mexico, an outbreak of hepatitis A in Pennsylvania, leprosy, Chagas Disease, T-Cruzi protozoan that destroys heart tissue, hemmorhagic fever just to name a few.
And GWB dawdles. Congress compromises. Both complain that oil companies make too much money. Democrats demagogue. Republicans demagogue. And hospitals close. And Americans suffer and die.
And again, why should any of them remain in office?


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