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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Back in the saddle...

Thanks to some personal issues, I have been AWOL from the Savage Republican. However, now that I am back and have a few scant minutes, I will try to get a couple of quick posts in before the catch up process begins in earnest.

Is it any surprise that the media did not react with the same faux outrage that greeted VP Cheney when Patrick Kennedy didn't report his automobile accident (which higher ups in the Congression Police force apparently tried to cover up a la his father in Chapaquiddick) for 19 hours? Did you also notice that the press had more sympathy for Congressman Kennedy than they had for radio talk show host (Rush Limbaugh)? If we are indeed, equal under the law, then why isn't Congressman Kenndy being charged with any drug related crimes? I find that curious indeed.


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