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Friday, May 26, 2006

The American Soldier and Kids

Lady Logician blogs quite regularly about the evil called radical Islam, which is really another term for cowardly servants of satan.And she is so correct when she blogs here and here .
And murder bombers show no respect for any innocent life. Even kids. Especially kids. But, the American soldier has always shown incredible compassion for kids. Always.
This is a hard picture to look at. But, it and the story that goes with it shows the incredible difference between us and the the bacon boy servants of evil called radical Islam and their pig dog god.
I love kids. I do volunteer work with kids. I'm always way over my legal limit of fun with kids.
Her name is Farah.
She didn't make it.
My eyes hurt from fighting tears over this picture.


Anonymous pancakes said...

i feel sorry for the kids you volunteer for your eyes as their blurred by shit.......if you had any sense you would realise that the little girl you were feeling sorry for in the picture is the same girl your insulting....she is most likely a Muslim... yes that religion you call "satanic" she must be satan as well... your extract is sooo full of contradiction... think twice before you try and appear caring then insult the religion of
nearly 2 billion pple.. but i guess your thick so what can i say... i feel sorry for you more then anything..

1:40 PM  

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