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Thursday, April 20, 2006

You're STILL not paying enough!

A few years ago my Mom was looking at a bill from her doctor and asked me what the item marked "MNCare" at 2.5% of her bill amount was about. I said that was a surcharge that she was being forced to pay for health and medical insurance for the uninsured in Minnesota. My Mom, who is a widow, said with some consternation "You mean I have to pay for my own insurance and pay for other people too?" "Yup. You are Mom." She shook her head.
Well, the compassionate people that force you to pay for others have another way for you to show your force of course. You have to pay for "affordable housing" when you sell your house! With a tax (surcharge, fee, forced extraction all)!
First of all, let's be real clear: ALL housing is affordable. But not all housing is affordable by all. I'm not quite to the point where I'm ready to buy this beauty. When you hear "affordable housing" think about terms like:"pro-choice" not "kill the baby"; think "investment" not "more government spending"; think "contribution" not "forced tax compliance"; "affordable housing" is "subsidized housing". Period! Anytime anyone pays less than market price for a house, that house is subsidized.
So, the article uses terms like "worrisome report" about the "gap" between rich and poor.
And the collectivists that wrote the article seem to think that there is "gap" that is not "fair" and that government force is to be used to increase "fairness" by eliminating "unfairness". And just how "fair" and "unfair" is defined and resolved, well, "they" know best. Don't "they"? And has it ever occurred to "them" that "they" and all "their" intrusions into the market place make "affordable housing" "necessary" in "their" eyes and "their" world? Nah. That would mean a dose of reality, logic, and real world economics.
As a good friend of mine said "You can not be well informed and intellectually honest and be a left winger."
So, cinch up the belts kids. The do gooders are loose and looking for victims to your expense.


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