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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You are NOT to be trusted!

In a political process precisely reminiscent of the fight over the Minnesota Personal Protection Act, the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee rejected the Same Sex Marriage Amendment. This is EXACTLY the same procedure whereby the Senate denied the Senate at large to vote on the Personal Protection Act. For years. Because the Metrocrats (see below) knew it would pass if it ever hit the Senate floor for an up or down vote.
Now, there are differences. If I have to go to the government and ask for permission to protect myself and have to be granted that permission, I don't have a right. I have a government granted privilege.
But, again, this is an example of the Metrocrats (the long in the tooth Minneapolis/St.Paul Senators) who ALWAYS get elected by the radicals in the inner city and therefore chair the committees and block legislation again and again.
Proving once again, you are not to be trusted. That's why we have the Metrocrats and lefties.


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