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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The world stops while I agree with Nick Coleman

It appears that the legislature and the governor have NO clue as to the huge reaction and backlash that will happen if the Twins Stadium "deal" get passed. I want to be clear that I'm not against a Twins stadium. Never have been. I am totally and absolutely against any of my Mom's money or any other resident of Hennepin County's money being forcibly taken from her or them to pay for even a screw in the thing.
The reason for the legislature's involvement is a pesky little thing called the law. As I understand it there is a law on the books that no county can levy a tax without the citizens voting on it. And the billionaires are asking the legislature to suspend that law to allow the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners to pass the tax.
Now, we've been hearing about stadiums for over a decade. Jason Lewis had a professor from Indiana University on his show that was clear that no publicly funded stadium ever made money. However, there were three that were not publicly funded (they were funded by seat licenses) were all profitable. So, there is no reason at all for public money for this thing.
And Nick Coleman gets it right...kind of. Once again he is right on target about the stadium. He states "
Don't bore me with propaganda about the tax amounting to only three cents on each $20. A billion dollars is not trivial.It is an enormous commitment that speaks volumes about our priorities, will cost each man, woman and child hundreds of dollars, transfer substantial wealth from the poorest to the wealthiest, and produce -- study after study has documented this truth -- no discernible public economic benefit." And he's right. All it does is transfer money, by force. Not by choice. The proponents will tell us of all the jobs the stadium will produce (the same specious argument for the Target Center). All it does it takes entertainment dollars from one place and they go to another. Those dollars don't disappear. They only way jobs go away is if someone says "Instead of spending this $50 seeing the Timberwolves/Twins, I'm going to burn it." That money will be spent instead in, Blaine, Savage, Woodbury. But, Nick sees no duplicity when he says that all that money could and should go to "others". He says" We are on a bender of historic proportions, partying while our house rots, the kids go hungry and our savings are squandered. Billions for stadiums after years of slashing spending on everything that matters." No... what matters to you, Nick. And all your failed lefty initiatives that just never ever go away. The state budget has doubled in 10 years. Doubled! Nothing has been cut. In other words, taking your money by force and giving it to companies and billionaires who didn't earn it or deserve it is evil. Taking your money by force and giving it to people who didn't earn it is compassionate.
Oh. So making corporations dependent on your money is bad. Making individuals dependent on your money is good.
I again feel the earth moving.


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