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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why Islam stinks...

I am paraphrasing the title of the long running series over at Anti-Strib (ladies do not use the adjective that the Anti-Strib guys use to describe Islam). The latest entries are here, here, and here. The last one is a must read for all supporters of "gay rights".

For the supporters of NOW, I would like to offer up these two stories and ask "what about the rights of these women?"

"Tehran, Iran, Jan. 04 – In the latest “acid attack” by radical Islamists on young women accused of ignoring the country’s strict dress regulations, two female university students had acid splashed on their faces in the town of Shahroud, north-eastern Iran."

Two young university students had acid thrown at their faces because they dared to walk the streets of their town while not wearing a veil. So sad...

But that happened in fundamentalist Iran, you say. What about a more "modern" Islamic society you ask. In answer, I present these two stories out of our dear ally in the global war on terror - Saudi Arabia.

"Day 1: A Ranoosh fast-food restaurant in Seihat, Saudi Arabia, hires two women to take phone orders. Day two: Bearded, shoeless Wahhabist religious police arrest the owner and shutter the business for "promoting lewdness" - in other words, for employing women."

Read it and weep!!!! Islam is not conductive to womens rights or free speech. Think I am exhaggerating? Need I remind you of the Islamic world's reactions to a bunch of silly little cartoons? We have a religion that teaches their children to hate another race of people so much that they believe that blowing up innocents or destroying their houses of worship is rewarded by their "god".

We need to drag the Islamic world into the 21st Century - kicking and screaming if need be! Until we do, we will be at war with a religion that prompts hatred and intolerance and subjugation of those that are deemed to be "inferior".

UPDATE: I fixed the link on the second story. Thanks to Amendment X for pointing that out.


cugel said...

found your site by googling islam and stinks: i couldn't agree with you more.

1:40 PM  

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