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Thursday, April 13, 2006

What does it take to REALLY expand government? REPUBLICANS!

Under GWB in five years, the government has expanded more than under WJC in eight years. Huh? And it started at least three years before GWB ever took office . The congress in 1997 was firmly Republican, and yet, look what happened with the Republicans in charge of Congress. And it wasn't until the Repubs were in charge of the White House AND Congress that we really started the government expansion explosion!
So, I have no idea why the lefties whine...unless it's the eternal "No amount of money spent is ever enough. Any tax cut is too much, and any tax increase is always too small."
As I heard it said before there are only two political parties: The party of Big Government (with its right wing [Republicans] and left wing [Democrats]) and the libertarians.
It used to be that I used to say that a new Republican (like Norm Coleman) only slowed down the growth of government from a Wellstonian 198 mph to only a neocon 137 mph (meaning we just bled to death at a slightly slower rate). Now it's not even that.
All that red ink? It's really blood. And I'm blacking out...


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