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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Too much is never enough!

Earlier this year I commented on how (according to a Star Tribune report) Minnesotans pay the 4th highest tax burden in the country. We know where Governor Pawlenty stands on the issue, but what about the DFLers that want to take his place?

Attorney General Mike Hatch:
"After the speech, Hatch dodged reporters' questions on issue that might have overshadowed his desired message. He declined to say whether he would raise taxes to pay for his campaign promises, whether he supports a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage or whether he would call a special legislative session to act on proposed baseball and football stadiums." (Bill Salisbury, "Mike Hatch Makes His Run Official," St. Paul Pioneer Press, October 25, 2005)

2006: Becky Lourey Advocates Increasing Gas Tax. "Both [Kelly] Doran and [Becky] Lourey voiced support for a gas tax increase like the one Pawlenty vetoed last year. It would have added 10 cents to the 20-cent-a-gallon tax in effect since 1988." (Conrad deFiebre, "Race For Governor; DFLers Spare Each Other, Saving Barbs For Pawlenty," Star Tribune, March 8, 2006)
2006: Becky Lourey Claims Minnesotans Tell Her To Raise Their Taxes. "While they offered no specifics on how to pay for education and other state programs, Lourey says many people support a tax increase. 'As I've been campaigning, wealthy Minnesotans have said to me, "please, please, raise our taxes. We believe in public education. We know that it is the melting pot for our state,"' Lourey said." (Laura McCallum, "Hatch Keeping Low Profile As Competitors Score Points At Business Forum," Minnesota Public Radio, February 8, 2006)

2006: Steve Kelley, Becky Lourey, and Former Candidate Kelly Doran Voice Support For Gas Tax Increase. "Real estate developer Kelly Doran and state Sens. Steve Kelley and Becky Lourey all said they would push to expand coverage and reduce the costs of health care, a mounting problem for many businesses. All said they would accelerate state spending or 'investment' on highways and mass transit, and all indicated they would likely approve a gasoline tax increase to relieve what one them called a 'congestion tax' on businesses." (Dane Smith, "3 DFL Candidates Mostly Agree At Business Forum," Star Tribune, February 9, 2006)

Now we all know where Mark Kennedy stands on the issue, what about his DFL opponents?

Amy Klobuchar And Ford Bell Would Raise Taxes. “Kennedy says he will not support any tax increases. Klobuchar and Bell say they would roll back tax cuts for those making over $200,000 a year to pay for other programs." (Tom Scheck, "Minnesota U.S. Senate candidates square off in Mounds View debate," Minnesota Public Radio, March 3, 2006)
Amy Klobuchar And Ford Bell Want To Roll Back Tax Cuts. "But, while Kennedy said the path back to fiscal health is through lower spending and continued lower taxes, the Democrats favored revisiting the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts Bell would repeal them entirely, while Klobuchar would bring back the higher taxation of those earning $200,000 a year or more." (Patrick Condon, "Senate Candidates Use Debate To Define Themselves," Associated Press, March 4, 2006)

Ford Bell Acknowledged He Would Have To Raise Taxes To Pay For Health Care Plan. "Bell said he would support a universal health care program that would save Americans money because the government, in Medicare, provides health care more efficiently than private insurance. 'It's time for a national health insurance program,' he said. He said later, after the debate, that the program would require more taxes, but in the end, businesses and taxpayers would save money because of government efficiencies." (Rachel Stassen-Berger, "In first debate, divisions clear," Pioneer Press, March 4, 2006)

So there you have it people. According to Mike Hatch, Becky Lourey, Steve Kelly, Amy Klobuchar and Ford Bell, Minnesotans are not paying enough taxes. Are you ready for $5.00 a gallon gas? Is that really where we want the state of Minnesota to go?????


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