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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

They call him "the Blunderer"...

Minnesota earned a questionable honor this week when Time Magazine named our senior Senator (Mark Dayton) one of the 5 worst Senators in DC. In response to the criticism that Senator Dayton has taken this week, Jack Danielson (Dayton's Chief of Staff) told the Star Tribune that the Senator has a record "to be proud of". Really? Let's see...

He is the only Senator to close his DC office and advise his constituents not to travel to DC prior to the 2004 election.

He proposed the development of a Department of Peace and Non-violence.

He insulted the entire state of South Dakota when he said (and subsequentally apologized for) that the Mayo Clinic was "worth more" than the entire state of South Dakota.

He voted against the President's tax cuts.

He voted against the War in Iraq.

Yep - that is definately a "record to be proud of".


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